Monday, June 8, 2015

Fifteen minutes of crafting {polka dot clothespins}

Before I left school for the year I quickly decorated clothespins to use this fall. My first year I covered them in decorative duct tape. That was a pain. This year I just wrote had Niki write my kids' names on them in colored sharpie. That wasn't near enough fun. So for next year I decided I was going to paint them polka dotted! 
It was super simple! I used regular paint from school and an unused pencil.

I made sure to make some of my dots whole and some going off the edges so they looked like "real" polka dots. I let them dry for an hour or two then flipped them over to do the other side.
*Side note* I had them numbered with colored sharpies before I did the polka dots.  My plan is to reuse them, but we'll see how they hold up.
What DIY projects are you working for home or school?


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Goals for June

This has been a pretty crazy year for me, but things are starting to come to a new normal and fall into place. So with things settling in, I have some major goals for June and the rest of the summer. I just finished my second year of teaching and got my "real" standard license- so I'm good to go there. That means it's time to make some changes in the classroom now that I feel a little bit more like I know what I'm doing and start on my masters! I have big plans for both this summer!

Classroom goals:
1. I MUST create a true reading nook- that means books move, another rug comes in, lamp comes in, and this is all in a different location in my tiny miniature room.
I love the idea of adding a functional little bench like this one {here}

                              Milk Crate Book Storage and Bench (2)

2. Relocate teacher desk to be less obtrusive and perhaps a little more minimalist action in that area as well.
3. New rug! Something bright, colorful, and cheap. Hopefully I can score something when dorm room specials start.
4. Get the tech people to fix my horrible cord situation!

Apartment goals:
1. Redeocrate/Rearrange bedroom. I feel like my bed should be in front of the window now. I was lucky enough to have my great aunt donate two dressers to me. Free = the best!
2. Move in new table. Sell or store current table.
3. Find summer home for Lola (my classroom guinea pig)

Personal Goals:
1. Start master's classess
2. Run 15K with Niki in September- this will mean training these asthmatic lungs all summer.
3. Figure out how to meal plan and stick with it over the summer!

What are you planning to do in June or this summer??