Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Etsy Sale

Etsy sales work much better when you tell shoppers what the coupon code is.....my bad. Use the coupon code BACK2SCHOOL to save 15% off your entire order.

moving madness {part four}

I apologize (for like the 7th time) for my absence. I have been without internet since we moved. It was horrible! Horrible, I tell you!! If it wasn't for my Iphone, I might not have made it.
We went back to school on Wednesday and I have been crazy busy since then! I work as a paraeducator and new to my list of duties this year is um well I guess I don't have a title, office assistant maybe? Anyway, I am in charge of attendance for the middle school and high school. It has taken quite a bit of adjusting and working with our secretary, (she's the best!) and I think we are finally getting it figured out.

So in honor of back to school time, we are going to do another etsy sale! 15% off your entire order! Get everything you need to get your school year started right, whether you are a parent, teacher, or student! Back to school is a crazy time for everyone and I'm sure we can all improve our organization!

Right now I am working on creating my Junior Class Sponsor Binder (yep, that's right prom!) and revamping my home management binder, even though I only created it a short while ago. I have redone all my documents so that they match and even added a few. I also added a pocket to the back to hold all of my user and owner's manuals. I will do an update post of my home management binder when I have it completed. That may take me a while, I am still arranging and rearranging and getting settled into our new apartment. I felt a little bit like a crazy person when I had moved my dishes three times in the first week.

We are also thinking of changing up our blog schedule a little. We are thinking of maybe just going to Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts until we get settled into our routines. This is a busy time for both of us. So what would you like to see more or less of? crafts? organizing? printables? teacher tips? pinterest? Let us know!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Moving madness {part three}

So here it is, the new apartment. I know its nothing fancy, but its enough for us. Here's the kitchen, sorry I had already brought in a few boxes before I thought to snap some pictures.

There's a closet door behind the actual door...
The other side of the kitchen

And the dining area, which is open to the kitchen and living room. I was excited to have a decent light fixture!

Next is the living room:
Just an empty room....patio doors out to our small patio space.

And our tiny bathroom.  But at least it has a small closet (on the left of the photo but you can't see it)

The first bedroom

The second bedroom

And last is the small laundry area. Having my own laundry area was a big deal to me. I hate to share a washer and dryer with other people. Too weird for me.

So there it is, our humble new apartment. I can't wait to decorate and organize and keep you all updated of my progress!