Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pinterest crafts!

My second pinterest craft. I was so excited! It was super simple and only took me like 15 minutes total. So I guess this means this post counts as "Fifteen minutes of crafting" (yay!)
 I started with these….

cheapo bobby pins ( I think from Walmart or the Dollar Store)

Then I dug through my nail polish for some fun colors and lined them up in a row on the table. I cut off a flap from a left over moving box and started lining the bobby pins along the edge.
I did put some left over newspaper underneath just in case I got messy. Then you just paint each bobby pin, easy peasy. 
The bobby pins went over so well, that I thought I should do my keys too!
This picture was after the first coat…I added two more coats after this one to make the colors really pop.
Here's how they look on my key chain (adorable!)

What pinterest crafts have you actually completed? leave a link in the comments, we would love to check them out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a freebie for you

I needed a "large scale" to do list to keep on my desk in the office to track my massive list of tasks for the day. I always love brackets around words, so I whipped this up super quick, printed off a few copies, topped the stack with a binder clip (just a boring black one--boo for school supplied materials) and stuck them on my desk.  It's super simple, nothing too fancy, but it gets the job done. And I figured a few other people out there could use a jumbo sized to do list as well. So here it is for you!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

moving madness {part five}

First of all, look at this beauty that has taken up residence in my apartment. *sigh* can you hear the angels singing?? because I sure can!!! These are the style of washer and dryer my sister has and she loves them. Yeah, I know my apartment building has coin operated laundry, but that is a pain in the butt and creeps me out a little. So we scored a free dryer, from my sisters in-laws and bought the washer. But with a free dyer, the expense wasn't quite as bad. It makes me a little crazy that they don't match, but at least they are the same brand and color. I couldn't justify buying a matching dryer since we had one that was free and worked perfectly fine.

"the pantry closet", it has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Okay, maybe not but still sounds a little bit delightful right?
We have this random closet off of the kitchen, next to the door to the hallway.

That door right there....

Here's what it looked like right after I filled it up. I used the grey shelving that was previously residing in our closet and the teal shelving I scored at Menards during our back to school sale.

The former home of our grey shelving. I am all for reusing and a $0 budget. 

Starting on the left side of the closet with the grey shelving. This shelving unit holds most of our food. We have one food cupboard in the kitchen and everything else is stored in here.
I debated what type of labeling and organizing I was going to use in this closet. I know this is not a permanent living situation, so I didn't want to waste a ton of time and ink on creating labels. So I decided to go with some labels I had gotten from I think Better Homes and Gardens website. I had already laminated them, so I just cut them out and labeled them with a wet erase marker. They look cute, but are easily changed and reused.

I went with three sections on each shelf. I wish I could have had baskets for each section, but that was not in the budget. So this works. Not my idea situation, but it works. As long as I keep it organized it should work okay.

The second shelf: 

Remember these baskets? They are reused from our bedroom, on our coffee table. (I talked about that organization project here). They found a new home in our closet.

And the third shelf:
All of the quick snack foods go in this basket.

Ya know, healthy snacks like Ramen noodles, pudding, and spaghetti o's.

Canned goods have their place on the shelf as well....nothing too exciting here. They are simply separated into like items.

The bottom shelf holds mainly extra things. Bottled water, canisters, and my cocoa mix.

Hot cocoa supplies, this is perhaps the most important part. I love hot cocoa. Probably because I am so freakishly cold all the time. As of now, I am wearing three layers to school. Yep, its August and I'm wearing three long sleeve layers. Its nice outside, but I swear they keep it about 52 in here!

The other side of the closet holds my cleaning supplies and other extra household items

The teal shelving also holds our lunch boxes.....not all are used everyday so they are out of the way, yet  easily accessible.

 There is also some extra pop, adult beverages, and vitamins and protein powders stored in this shelving unit.
The bottom shelf stores the cold bags for groceries. We may not use these as often now since we live in the same town as our grocery store.

So there is it is....the pantry closet. I wish I could have some of the lovely pantries that I find on pinterest. But maybe someday? Check out my kitchen pin board for some of my inspiration.
have your own pantry organization? share it with us!!
have a great day everyone!