Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Pinteresting Solution

Since I took down my Christmas decorations I have been dragging my feet on getting this sign hung up. I really didn't want to take the time to measure and put in nails only have them not be in the correct location and end up getting up and down from my chair like seven times. And then I found this idea on Pinterest. Mark the places for the nails to go on a piece of tape, and then put that tape on the wall and put your nails in. Genius, isn't it???

The only tape I had handy was duct tape, so that's what I used. I put it along the top side of the back.

 Then I used a marker to trace where the hooks are, so I could put my nail in the correct place.

 Then all I had to do was stick my tape up on the wall quick and make sure it was centered. I popped my nails in quick and pulled the tape down.

And then my sign went up, nails in the right spot, and already centered. easy peasy.

Here are the very high-tech supplies I used. Yeah, I know normal people use a hammer. I don't think one ever made it to the apartment when we moved, so this baby worked just fine. However when my daddy was over the other day to install my new dryer (some of you may have caught that on instagram) he was quite disapointed that I didn't have 1. a hammer and 2. my tools and other items were in a cardboard box. He clearly thought I needed a real toolbox. So I reminded him that the cardboard box just so happened to be right in my price range :)

So pinterest fixed the silly open space left by the absence of my Christmas decorations. What brilliant solutions have you found via pinterest?

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