Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scarf Storage Re-do

I think I am going to reach world records on how many times I re-do or update my scarf storage. But I keep finding new ideas, or figuring out that my current system isn't working quite as brilliantly as I anticipated, so then the only answer is to change it up, again.

This time wasn't a gigantic, drastic change but I do think that it will work out much better than some of my previous systems. (fingers crossed)

My scarves had ended up in a pile on the floor of the closet for like the seventh time this week. And it made me rather irritated so I snagged up the original fix supply. duct tape. it fixes everything right?
I know, a little hillbilly to fix my scarf storage with duct tape, but it was the first thing that popped in to my head and I wanted it to be strong enough to hold up. So I went with it.

I just tore it into small strips and used it to attach the top row of my shower rings to the hanger, and then to the next ring on the side. The bottom few were then attached to the bottom of the top row and to each other on the sides. It wasn't anything amazingly brilliant, but I feel like it will work out so much better, while maintaining essentially the same system. Basically I turned my old system into something more sturdy and stationary.

And I think it doesn't even look too bad, you hardly notice the duct tape :)

My warm winter scarves and homemade scarves are simply tied on to their hanger, they are a bit too thick to make it through the shower rings. But there isn't as many of them so it works out just fine.

How do you store your scarves?? Do you have a brilliant idea??

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