Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Goals Update or Operation: Get it Together v N.1.5

Since its the middle of the month, I thought I would do a little follow up and let you know where I stand. Some good, some in the works and some bad. Here goes:

Home & Organizing Goals:

  • Clean & Organize kitchen junk drawer: Not at all. But it's still on the list!
  • Declutter and organize coat closet: But I cheated, my aunt came to babysit and she did it. I still need to declutter, but its easier to do now.
  • Create chore chart & implement it: This is in the works. I have chores printed out. I decided to go in a different direction. The kids and I are working on this together.
  • Tame the laundry monster: Again, cheated. My aunt did this too. But, I've maintained it!
  • Drop off Goodwill stuff: Not yet. I keep staring at it though, hoping it will load itself in the Durango for me. I am hoping to get this done by the end of the week, because school is done Thursday!
Lifestyle Goals:
  • Be more present with my family: This is a constant goal for me. With so much social media and with it on my phone, its easy to "multi-task". I am trying. I will keep working on it.
  • Run 3 miles straight: Haven't ran since our 5K the beginning of the month. FAIL. Still time to recover. I am going to try to get out to run tomorrow school.
  • Work on core strength: Not even once. UGH. I have really fallen off the wagon. I am trying to find it again though. 

 And, since you asked, here are some of our #challengespringcolors outfits. I'm a little sad that no one has participated with us.... so get out there and Instagram that outfit!

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