Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Goals

I only have a week if school left. My brain is already in summer vacation mode. It's time for the calendar to catch up.
However, summer vacation means its time to complete all those organizing projects that I put on the back burner because we were too busy. And because I am an over sharer I thought you all should know what my plans were. Maybe you can keep me accountable. 
• organize and purge coat closet
• organize and purge toy closet
• organize and purge my closet 
• paint CT's room 
• paint JT's room
• organize and purge kitchen cupboards 

There are only 6 things. So I need to tackle about 2-4 a month to get them all done before going back to school in August. And you know I will be back to blog about what I do, my inspiration and what didn't work. 

Do you have big organizing plans for this summer? Share your to do list for a little accountability.

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