{About Us}

We are two sisters just trying to bring a little more creativity and beauty to the world.
Let us help you to create something to add beauty and functionality to your everyday life.
Niki has a background in graphic design, working at newspapers and in advertising for several years. She loves creating her own birthday invitations, Christmas cards and scrapbooks. along with other products that help make her life more fun and creative.
Shannon is almost obsessively organized and loves creating her own products to help make her life easier.
We have many premade products available to you, all of which can customized to your liking, (for an additional fee). We will also work with you to create any custom project.
Let us help you beautify your life and create the product you need. 

We would love to help create your memories by making invitations, birth announcements, business cards or scrapbooks! I can create your image digitally and give it to you to print, print it myself or create something by hand.