Wednesday, April 18, 2012

beautify your budget

Are you working on building a budget for your household? Do you already have a budget and would like to "beautify" it?
We offer a "budget package" in our etsy shop. Check out all of the wonderful budget forms and products that we have to offer….

We have forms to fit any budget style. We even use several of them ourselves.

bill payment checklist

Keep track of all of your bills in one place. Record all of your bills and check them off when you pay them each month.

debt repayment plan
Are you working on paying off debt? Student loans, auto loans, credit cards?? Keep track of all your debts on one form.
monthly budget form option1 {page 1}

monthly budget form option 1 {page 2}
This is the first option of our budget worksheet. This form is left mainly blank for you to fill in the expenses that you have. There are a few general items filled in for you to start with. Print a new one each month or laminate and reuse.

monthly budget form option 2 {page 1}

monthly budget form option 2 {page 2}

monthly budget form option 2 {page 3}

This budget worksheet has many more monthly expenses filled in for you. Very simple to use each month, just fill in your amounts. You can print a new copy each month or laminate and reuse this one.
monthly spending tracker

Do you just need to track your monthly spending? Use this form to record what you spend each day and which category it goes to. Add them all up at the end of the month. This form may make a great first step in creating a budget if you do not already have one.
Accounts and Passwords Log
Do you pay all your bills online? Use this log to keep track of your login and password for each company. 
single company payment log

Do you want to track a little more information for your online bill payments? Use this form to keep track of detailed account information. Use one sheet for each bill or company.

monthly receipt tracker
Use this receipt tracker to tally where and how much money you are spending throughout the month. Figure where you need to make adjustments or know that you are right on track.
household budget

Are you still trying to work out your household budget? Do you have an atypical living arrangement? (like mine) Use this to work out how all the bills will get paid. This would also be great for a roommate/housemate situation!
cash ledger option 1

cash ledger option 2

Are you on a cash budget? Use our cash ledgers to track how much money you start with and how much you spend during each trip. Each category has its own envelope and ledger. The envelopes are made from scrapbook paper and laminated and labeled with your categories. 

Weekly bill log

I made this one for my sister, they pay their bills weekly. It works for payments by mail and online.

We have budget forms to fit into any new or existing budget! Check out our etsy shop to place your order. Don't forget that we are offering our daily agenda free with any etsy shop purchase in the month of April.
Share any budget tips you have with us!

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