Monday, April 16, 2012

fifteen minutes of {organization}

we have a little bookshelf in our living room that serves 2 purposes. It holds our DISH box and holds the kids favorite (for the moment) books. It was needing some help though. It still had Christmas decorations on it and yes, that is a chocolate milk spill. :)


First I cleared the books out and wiped everything down using my favorite Method cleaner. I then sorted though the books and separated out the Christmas books (are you sensing a theme here?). The Christmas books go in the white bin and are put away for next year.

Here is a nice, clean bookshelf waiting to be restocked.

This pile of randomness was found in the white bin and under the books. They have all found their correct homes.

Here is what my bookshelf looks like now! The top shelf has board books for the baby and Easy Reader books I plan to start Carter on this summer. The bottom is some of their favorite books that we read together or Faith reads to her brothers and Faith's hot pink Bible.
What organizing project did you work on this weekend? Comment and share with us your most recent organizational project!

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  1. I am sorking on my desk ... i sorted and organized all of the files of pending genealogy data and documents into three different in boxes to be entered in my database and filed into the appropriate binders.