Monday, April 9, 2012

Fifteen minutes of {organization}

For today's organizing I'm back in the bathroom.
My boyfriend was a little irritated that some of my things were spilling over to "his side" so I figured that meant I needed to get things back under control.
So here's the terrible disgusting before picture:

If you look closely you can see a silver wire basket under all that crap!

The bathroom counter is not the proper storage place for paper towels!
But you should also not that some of his things are clearly on my side!

Everything just tossed on top of the basket. gross.

So to start with I took out the basket and all of its contents, leaving a clear counter. I wiped if off with my favorite Method brand cleaner before starting to sort things out. If something did not belong in the bathroom or on the counter it was relocated to its proper home- the space heater, paper towels...

the sorting process...

I laid all the like items out and started deciding what would stay and what would go.
When I had everything back in its place I ended up with this:

Hair spray and dry shampoo along the wall
The left side of the basket holds headbands, I know, ugly. but oh so comfy and convenient.
The center of the basket holds: john freida straightening creme, deodorant, that little red jar is amazing-- powder that poufs my lame hair up! works great and I love it! an extra method hand soap, two combs, toothpaste and toothbrush, john freida frizz ease, and kenra root booster.
the right side holds another deodorant, neutrogena soap, and two different neutrogena face washes- regular and make up remover. neutrogena is my favorite face wash lately. 
Ed Hardy perfumes are lined up to the right side of the basket. I also heart ed hardy :)

So now I see this in the morning...
so much better :)

What organizing projects are you working on?? We would love to see what you are working on!
We can all use a little inspiration.

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