Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Lovely Launching Station

I LOVE the idea of a launching station. I kind of had one. It was just a little side table with an awesome green basket on it. It was supposed to be the things that had to leave the house that day. However, it ended up being just a storage bin for things that needed to leave, but not quite yet.

I have seen tons of inspiration using bakers rack's. And I happen to have one. So, I moved it out to the living room and sorted through the leftover shelf of baskets and bins and found some that work. They are not necessarily what I would choose for my living room, but it works and the price is right.

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The three baskets along the top are Faith, Carter and Jayce's "stuff". It is for things that need to go find a home. The kids know to check their baskets after school.

The white basket on the left is for library and school books. These are books we do not want to get mixed up in our own collection. The basket on the right is for my stuff that needs to leave with me. Many times already I have just grabbed the whole basket and taken it with me. All 5 of these baskets came from the Dollar Tree.

The green bin on the bottom is for stuff that needs to leave the house. It is not immediate. It is stuff that needs to be returned to other people or delivered at a later time. Shannon got that baby for me from Target. I heart it.

This set up is working awesome for us. That poor baker's rack has been in almost every room in our house so far, and served many purposes. My big goal now is for it not just to collect junk as we bring it in the house. So far, ok. I will keep you posted!

What does your launching station look like? Share with us!

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