Thursday, April 4, 2013

Goals for April

I am posting some of my goals for April. Sort of a way to be accountable. I have some home organizing goals and some lifestyle goals. At the end of April I will do a recap and let you know how I did.
Here goes:

Home & Organizing Goals:
  • Print, laminate & hang laundry labels
  • Clean & organize kitchen junk drawer
  • Declutter and organize coat closet
  • Clean/Dirty labels for dishwasher
  • Bind blog planner and blog about it
Lifestyle Goals:
  • Complete the Bikini Body challenge
  • Print Planner
  • Be more present with my family
Do you have any goals for April? What do you want to make sure gets done before the craziness of May starts? (What your May isn't crazy? Whatever.)
Since no post is complete without some a picture, I thought I would share this. In case you missed it on twitter, instagram or facebook. This shows my journey from the day I graduated college in 2011, to 2 weeks after my first chemo session, to my last chemo session to last week. It has been an awesome journey that you all got to join.

Share your goals for some accountability. We will meet here, same time, same place on May 2 to see how we did. Hopefully these will all be crossed off.

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