Thursday, April 11, 2013

What We're Pinning

We haven't done this in a while, so I thought we could update you in some of the fun things we have been pinning! We find so many great ideas on pinterest, we just need to put them into action!
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We are both suckers for reusing mason jars. We simply heart them. the more places we can use them, the better! Stashing colored cupcake liners on the kitchen counter would be adorable. except that cupcakes are not in the diet plan!

We're always pinning outfits like crazy. Trying to expand our tastes a bit. Try new things, like bold scarves to brighten up our regular jewel tone outfits.

These are also not in the diet plan, but they look delicious! we do pin some healthy food sometimes too, so it evens out right?
{image wasn't linked to source}

I have no idea what kind of pup this is, but I'm fairly certain that I need one. now. Isn't it just the cutest little chubby cuddly thing??

Coral and teal seem to be everywhere lately! That probably means we should give it a try. This is a look we could even wear to school.

Shannon is planning to do this with her pots and pan cupboard in the apartment. There is already a rack, but it is being completely wasted storing lids. which never actually get put in there anyway. This seems like a much better use.

I, Shannon, am thinking this is a quick and easy solution to the pickle jar lid that is is my change collection jar. I was thinking spray paint, but there still snow and I'm not going outside in the snow to spray paint, or buying a whole can of spray paint for one jar lid.

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