Monday, April 1, 2013

Linens and Loo Challenge Recap

We have been following along with Jen's linens and loo challenge this month. And we are happy to report that our bathrooms have benefited greatly from this! We love our pretty new drawers and organized spaces!

Here's the last quick organizing project that I snuck in. The medicine cabinet. It was getting a little scary and just needed a few minutes to purge outdated and unneeded things and get everything back in order.
Here's where I started:

eeek! Not sure how I can even find my toothbrush in there??

So everything came out and got sorted into a few piles.
stays here-back in cabinet.
stays-but goes somewhere else
Nothing too complicated. Nothing from my medicine cabinet is going to be sold or donated. Who wants half used shaving cream??

Everything got a good wipe down. I even toyed with the idea of adjusting the shelves... since we rent, I didn't want to risk breaking a shelf or not being able to get it back in or something silly like that.

before                                  after

 after                                before

after                                before

Want to check out what else we have accomplished this month?? (We thought so!)

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  1. Love your organization tips!! I've got a few more rooms to tackle - I'm trying to keep trucking on, but I will be SO GLAD when this spring cleaning spurt is over.

    1. Thanks Rachel! That's how we do it too....just a little at a time. That's about all the time either of us have to commit to one single project! It takes up a lot of free time, but a sparkly clean and organized house/apartment will be worth it!

  2. Way to go!! I followed you on Google Friend Connect. I also did a Linens and the Loo post and would be so delighted if you could follow my blog too :)

    Happy Day!

    1. Thanks Ashlee! We're following you now too! You have such a cute blog!