Monday, March 18, 2013

Challenge: Bathroom Drawer 2.0

No, you're not losing your mind, and neither are we. (well, that might be debatable actually) What I mean is, we aren't doing the same post twice. Last week Niki posted about cleaning up her bathroom drawers and this week I'm tackling mine.

Since our blogger bff, Jen at I heart organizing, is having linens and the loo month, we are totally game for joining in. She even has a cute name for a challenge about bathrooms. Seriously. If we were to name it, it would just be "bathroom challenge" or "towels and toilets" neither of which sounds like much fun.

I have the only, yep that's right just one, big drawer in the bathroom. There's one little midget drawer above it. However, until now, my drawer has been well in a state of disarray to put it nicely. But what I really mean is that crap was just dumped in there when we moved in and never organized or dealt with in any manner.
Really, just look at it, you'll understand.

So in true organizer fashion, I dumped everything out on the floor and gave the empty drawer a good wipe down with an antibacterial wipe.  ( I did just sweep and mop-so its not as bad as you think). I started separating things into categories, just to see where I was at with my supplies.

I may have an over abundance of hair accessories. Although I wouldn't have known that by looking that the drawer before. I had to dig just to find a hair tie. Clearly, I have plenty of them now.

Oh and some completely ridiculous unused storage devices. really?? These are what I was using in my bathroom cabinet before we moved- check that out here.

I put all of my less frequently used items way in the back. I left them in the bag, just to keep them contained. Then I started filling in, working my way towards the front. I popped this shelf in and was happily surprised that it actually fit! Where was that shelf before you ask? Oh in its most logical storage location, next to the entertainment center in the living room. (seriously the things I spaz out and ignore sometimes!)

Headbands got separated into two types and popped into the two larger bowls. They are under the shelf, but I can still easily reach in and grab one. And if for some reason I need a certain headband, the shelf just lifts up a bit without causing all the bowls on top to dump over.

So I popped that shelf in and put these pretty bowls in that I snagged at Hobby Lobby for 40% off. The small white bowl was reused from my former bathroom organization and the extra bowls found homes elsewhere. Since everything on top of the shelf is nicely contained, its no big deal to take them out quick and remove the shelf if I need something from the way back. I would rather have a smaller shelf that doesn't take up the whole width of the drawer, but that will have to wait. (there is currently one residing in my freezer that I would like to steal after my freezer reorganization)

the top shelf

watches, bracelets, and lip gloss that didn't fit in the small bowl

bobby pins and hair clips

hair ties and lip care


the front of the drawer

under the shelf

A few watches and bracelets are now easily accessible so that I might actually wear them more often. They were formerly in these baggies, yep still from the move 6 months ago. The necklaces made their way over to the closet to join the other necklaces that I already had hanging. (this is also the home of my "linens" with the exception of my sheets, which live on the shelving above the washer and dryer. As that is clearly the most logical place for storing them. My bathroom closet got its own makeover not too long ago, and I am happy to report that it is still looking just as good. Read about my closet clean up  here. 

What about the blowdryer and flat iron?? They have found the most wonderous home--on the back of the cabinet! Hello wonderful un-utilized space! I just popped two 3M Command hooks up and bam! instant storage. That made a huge impact on the space I had to use in the drawer. No idea how I couldn't think of this on my own---you know I found the idea on pinterest.

I am over the moon in love with my new functional bathroom drawer. I love that I can easily pick out pretty jewelry for the day and grab a headband for the gym without having to dig through anything.

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