Monday, March 25, 2013

My new {mini} menu board

Before we moved to our apartment I had this {diy} menu board hanging in the kitchen:

I was so impressed with myself for making it {read about that here} and I was super disappointed when I didn't really have anywhere to hang it in the new apartment. whomp, whomp.

So I have been living without a menu planning board for the last six months. I have a calendar that I roughly planning my meals out with. But I like the weekly format displayed nicely in the kitchen.
So I was home (to my parents') and remembered that I had this baby from when I lived there. Clearly my momma was not doing any meal planning so I snatched it.

It's nothing fancy. Just a fun piece of scrapbook paper and the word "dinner" cut out with my cricut. and then covered with contact paper (since it didn't fit through my laminator). ps. I chose dinner over supper, because dinner fits nicely without those below the line letters :)

I then made these quick meal cards in Excel.

I went with a simple tone on tone chevron to keep the background simple since my "menu board" was a bold print.

I just printed, cut, laminated, and cut again. Easy peasy. I left a few blank ones for me to try new things and for the old favorites that I have surely forgotten.

I just used these cute magnet tacks that I already had to stick them on to the fridge. I thought about labeling clothes pins with days of the week to clip them to, but decided against it for now. I might decide to do that later? We'll see how this works out.

And then in a burst of genius, I realized that I could stash all the meal cards into the clear plastic case that the magnet tacks came in and stick them on top of the fridge- along with the bf's giant tubs of protein powder. I love useful trash!

Such a simple project and yet it makes me smile every time I go in the kitchen. It solves my menu board dilemma without taking up any space. love that! 
What genius ideas have you come up with lately? Any projects that you've had to "re-do"? Share with us, we love the inspiration!

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