Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Organize Your New Year

The new year is a wonderful time of the year....It's a time of resolutions and reorganizations!! Hooray! I love a chance to start fresh and reorganize and re-evaluate my planning, cleaning, arranging.....
crisp new calendars
brand new planners
clean cupboards and closets
rearranged rooms
a new cleaning schedule 
all the wonderfulness of planning out a new year

any other weirdos out there who feel the same way?

or maybe you are a non organizing freak but would like to make your new year a little more streamlined and organized? 
We can help!

From now through January 31, 2013 we are offering our monthly calendars for half price!
$1.50 for all 12 calendars!
   I heart them :)
They are coordinated to match the new theme of our home management binder documents, but they are still a wonderful pop of color even if you don't have our new home management binder documents.

What new home management binder documents?
Well these babies were specially made to force my sister to make her own home management binder. Yep, force. She has no choice. If I have to drive to her house and tape her to the chair until she finishes it.

  They are a totally new bright colored theme and absolutely adoarble!!
Check them out...

cover page

section divider

daily agenda

monthly calendars

household information

important dates

kids' schedule

meal ideas

monthly meal planner

automobile log

bill payment log


monthly budget

password log

petsitter notes

shopping list

to do list

week at a glance

weekly cleaning checklist
 They make me smile.

We also added a few other new items to our etsy shop...

 I made these routines for my sister's I figured if they worked for her, there might be others out there who would benefit from a bedtime routine.
It doesn't have to be a bedtime routine...I could be a morning or after school routine too.
 We are also in the process of updating the rest of our packages and sets....
The layout and designs of my documents have definitely changed over the past year and I feel like all of my original documents are boring and out of date, so they must be corrected!
The first things to be updated are the budget packages....
Check back with our etsy store for more updates. 

We have also seen a few challenges and link parties planned for the new year, so we hope to participate in those as well. Yay!

click the image to visit our etsy shop

We hope that you will join us in organizing our new year!!