Wednesday, December 5, 2012

home management binder {makeover part 5}

 The next section in my home management binder is vehicle maintenance. There isn't a lot in this section. But it is still important to track these kind of things. 

This section holds a maintenance sheet for each of our vehicles...normal things like oil changes, and not so normal things like the new windshield on my car.

For the next new vehicle, I think I will keep loan and purchasing documents in this section as well. But for now the Envoy is paid for and my car is almost paid off (my loan documents are at my parents' house somewhere). So this is all that is in this section for now.

The next section is finances, but I am going to skip to school information. This section holds my school calendar and requests for days off, and other documents that come up.

I suppose that I could keep a copy of my contract in here as well. People with kids will have much more to fill up their school information section with, so until I reach that point, my school information section is basically just a work information section.

We're almost finished with our home management binder makeover! Stay tuned for the finances section!
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