Wednesday, December 12, 2012

fifteen minutes of organizing

Clean out a closet....

My bathroom closet was, well sort of a disaster. Not horrible, but still not so pretty to look at. It started out organized, and then after a month or two....the organization was no more. So I thought a new system might help. Here's what it looked like before- see there are baskets, there was a system in place, but it clearly it wasn't working. An ineffective system is not really a system.

So here's what I did....
Everything had to come off these shelves....I started over with a clean slate.

 I wiped off the shelves so I literally had a "clean" slate :)

 I also grabbed these three bins from the dollar tree. I can swing a $3 reorganization budget.  Even though they will be in the closet, they are still coordinated to match my shower curtain.

Next was the sorting process. I tossed out a few things and took some things out of packages to save space. I grouped things into like items and ended up with three categories for my bins. {vitamins, first aid, and beauty}

Here's what my bins look like:

This bin has tylenol, aleive, ibuprofen, (and melatonin-I didn't know where to put it?). Also, bandaids and tape for injury care. In the back corner there's antibiotic ointment and bengay and a tylenol version of the same thing.

This bin contains every vitamin I could possibly desire to take- or just take, without the desire to take vitamins.

This bin is a bit more random, it catches some of the things that don't fit in the medicine cabinet and some things that don't go in the vanity. Some spare deodorant, cologne type stuff, nail files, gel...nothing too exciting in here.

 The basket that was in there before also got to stay. This bin previously held some of the beauty items that were transferred to the blue bin. In the basket is of course the glorious kenra hairspray, my extra deodorant, air fresheners, a new razor, lotion, and I think a pare suction cup thingy for the shower caddy?

The basket found a new home on the top shelf, next to the color matching bathroom towels (because when you're on a extremely limited budget, you only get to have a few matchy matchy towels). Next to the basket is my everyday make up bag, which is not actually as full as it looks, the bag just holds its shape well. {vera bradley- love it} Next to that is a VS pouch that holds a few other random make up and hair accessories. Behind, that the iron found a new home. I really should use it more than I do. But the "fluff" option on the dryer works well too- especially for limited space.

So here's the before and after:

I can just imagine people screaming at their computer screens....WHY DIDN'T THAT STUPID GIRL LABEL HER BINS!!??
You're right. I'm on it.

The finished product.
Much better.

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