Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pantry Pare Down Part 2

Here we are, back in my pantry again. Womp, womp.

This is where I left you. Quite the cliff hanger, I know.

There were still 3 more shelves to do... So I got busy. I started by cleaning out all of the stuff.

Most of this was on that shelf. Holy cow!
Then I wiped the shelf clean, just like before.

This shelf is all baking supplies, so I grouped like items together. I even filled up two clear plastic bins with like items.

I know this shelf doesn't look better, but it feels a lot better! It only has baking supplies, so when we want to make cookies we can grab it out easy peasy. My dad used out new baking shelf Saturday night to bake cookies, and they were delicious. I am certain this is due to my amazing organizational skills.

Now there are only 2 shelves left! I am hoping to tackle those tomorrow. I'll keep you posted! Does anyone else drag out organizing this long? Holy cow!

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  1. Maybe somebody should put in some small shelves in the back of the cupboard for better utilization of your storage area.