Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Challenge: Bathroom drawers, part dos

We are back in my bathroom. Welcome. Glad you stopped by! I'm sure you are happy to be here! Today we are finishing the vanity drawers. I know you were hanging on to the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens with two drawers in my vanity. So, here goes!

PS. You know Jen from I heart organizing challenged us to organize our linens and the loo, right? Have we mentioned that? And you know how much we love Jen. So if she challenges us, who are we to deny her?

I forgot to take a before picture. I was in such a rush to get organizing. Plus, I only had about 20 minutes. So, here it is after I sorted everything out.

That is a lot of stuff for such a little drawer. And there's more, that didn't fit in the picture. Holy spicy guacamole.

Here is the drawer after I put the be-u-tiful drawer liner in it:

Who doesn't want to see fantastic zebra lined drawers when they are getting all beautified in the morning? I know this girl is excited!

This drawer has my make-up box, my acne medication, my moisturizer, and other misc. things like my contacts, cotton balls, nail polish remover, stuff like that. I am so excited to open this drawer in the morning and get beautiful.

This is what my hair drawer looked like before. It was just a hodge podge of hair stuff and other stuff. Not so fantastic.

I will spare you the disgusting intermediate steps of cleaning out the drawer, sorting the stuff and throwing away a pile of stuff that is dried out or I no longer use.

Here is the beautiful after picture!

This is mostly my stuff, but I do have Faith's brush and some of her clear elastics in here too. I LOVE my Paul Mitchell straightener that my loving husband got me for Christmas a few years ago. I just recently grew enough hair to be able to use it again and I am so excited.

I don't have my hair gel in here, or my giant bottle of Kenra hairspray. I have a cupboard next to the drawer that has that kind of stuff. That guy is next in line. There will be a ton to purge over there.

Here is a great after of both drawers. I feel so much better!

Are you working on linens and the loo? Let us know what you are doing!

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