Friday, November 16, 2012

home management binder makeover {giveaway}

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we thought a giveaway would be nice. We are going to offer several winners a document or two from our home management binder documents collection. We will even personalize the winners' documents with their family name! Sounds like a great deal to me! We are going to use rafflecopter to help us with the giveaway. Make sure you get all your entires in to have the best chance at winning!! We will annouce the winners at the end of the home management binder makeover series. Just use the widget below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And here is our Friday Five

1. I start a new position at my school on Monday. Hooray. I will be running the alternative education classroom. This position also comes with a wage increase, double hooray. especially when paying back a boatload of student loans.

2. We are thankful that our brother survived a car accident with only very minor injuries. He was so lucky!!

3. I have been able to run outside all week with this wonderful weather!!

4. Carter, Niki's oldest son is all signed up and ready to go for youth wrestling! Teeny tiny wrestlers are so cute!

5.Niki's daughter, Faith, got to see what her dance costumes will look like. Since we were both in dance from 3-18, this is a big deal!!


  1. I found your blog through the fit camp & I'm very intrigued!!! Hope I win!!

  2. I love Melaleuca cleaning products ( they are natural & work great!!

  3. I love your new profile picture! Beautiful and smart!