Friday, November 9, 2012

a good read

ASince the bf {sorry mom} has now gone back to working nights, I'm home alone like all the time. Until 2:30am to be exact. So that leaves me with from after school or after my after school job at 7pm until 2:30 with pretty much nothing much to do besides the usual cleaning, laundry, working out, a little blogging, or some crafting or scrapbooking. But I can't really do the same thing everyday. So my new Real Simple Magazine arrived the other day  (I think it got lost with the mail forwarding??)and I found the Better Homes and Gardens Catalog under my coffee table (on the shelf-not the floor, just to be clear). No idea where it came from or when?? But I hadn't read it. So I headed to my cozy bed (mostly cuz that room is warmest, thanks to my handy dandy heater, complete with remote control) anyway...with my magazines, post its, and hot cocoa (home-made of course).

Even though the  Real Simple magazine was old, and the BHG magazine was a little older, I figured it was still worth reading {well, duh, right?}

Here are a few of the random pages that I put post its on, or took the time to read entirely.

I read an article about the importance of taking time to have breakfast each morning. I am trying to be more healthy lately so I have been tuned into more articles like this lately. Breakfast is not usually a meal that I skip, but I could probably make a few improvements. Although, I really don't think that I make that bad of choices for breakfast.

I saw this in the front of my Real Simple magazine, and found it absolutely astounding. That is an insane amount of money to waste on costumes for a pet! Come on people! 

I have also rearranged my fridge like three times since we moved in, in August. That seems a bit excessive to me, but since it is an "apartment size" fridge I want to make the best use of the little space that I do have. This article had some good directions on where and how to store certain foods.

 These were at the end of an article on time management. I found them a little amusing, because I do a few of these things. I do keep my shower cleaner in the shower, but I usually just give it a quick scrub down after I get out and am hanging out in my towel.

And I also found this cute idea for my mom. Apparently the naughty pets at her house mess up her yarn sometimes. So this would be a simple way to keep it in order and untangled.

There were lots of other good ideas and articles, of course, but my post would go on forever if I talked about each one.
What are some of your favorite reads?
Also, here are our Friday Five:

1. I made a roast in the crock pot yesterday so I have excellent lunch at school today. Hooray for yummy leftovers. Don't judge, I get excited about real food. 

2. Niki had a great report from her appointment at the cancer center this week! Hooray! Her blood work and chest x-ray were both great!!

3. There's a good chance that I will be moving to a new position within my school, I'm super excited not only for a new position but hopefully an increase in pay!

4. It's time to start thinking about the holidays! It's our favorite time of the year! I already have a few gifts purchased and can't wait to start wrapping!

5. My  our mom is coming to town tonight so I will get in a little family time and she is also bringing part of my orders from my thirty-one party. (I heart thirty-one) {what? you don't have a thirty-one consultant? I'll share mine! Visit Kayla's site here}

And for your freebie....please hop over to our free printables page and score a few holiday printables. There is a baking list and baking shopping list, as well as a menu planner for Thanksgiving and Christmas! A great way to make your holidays a little smoother!
Have a great weekend everyone!


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