Monday, April 23, 2012

fifteen minutes of {organization}

So today's project was more like five minutes, but it still counts, right?
Today I tackled my cancer bag. It goes with me to every appointment. It had been a while since I cleaned it, since I have chemo Thursday, I decided this was a perfect project.
My mom got me this thirty-one bag for Christmas and it became my cancer bag!
I took everything out and sorted it. There was not as much in it as I thought, but 8 magazines was too many, even for a chemo day!
That small pile in the back is garbage. Yes, those are the blue vomit bags. I have two. You never know when you will need one, so I always travel with them. The CDs are genealogy podcasts my mom made for me to listen to. (My laptop comes to, but I clearly will not make it until Thursday without it.)
I also have fruit snack, a marker, a dollar for the vending machine, and a worry stone I got from my Aunt Laurie. I usually have way more snacks and hard candy. I need to replace those.
Then I pared down my magazines to three and one book. I also take my Kindle and throw in whatever book I am reading at the time right before I leave. When I am done with the magazines, I leave them at the Cancer Center.
My Uncle Bob (not to be confused with my brother Bob) got me the "Words for the Cure" book. It is full o beautiful pictures and inspiration.
I put my papers in my cancer binder so it is nice and neat now. The cancer binder holds all of my blood work papers I have gotten along with anything else they give me that I might need later. It is very important!
I put my marker, worry stone, fruit snacks, CDs and barf bags back in the little front pockets of my bag
Then I put the magazines and binder back in. My bag is now ready to go Thursday with just the addition of my Kindle, book and some snacks I need to pick up this week at the grocery store!
So that is my cancer bag! what organization project did you work on? Share with us in the comments!

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