Monday, April 2, 2012

fifteen minutes of {Organization}

Ok. Shannon is clearly the organized one. Ask anyone who knows us. However, I am trying. Honest. I decided to start small and take a page from her book and clear off a counter. I started with my kitchen island. I wish I hadn't taken before pictures, but in the spirit of honesty, here it is!
Yes, that is an entire casserole on my counter. Don't judge.
Clearly we did not put away groceries last night. There are other things including paperwork from Kindergarten round-up, the treat bowl, which quickly turned into the junk bowl and some random outside things. :) After I put away the groceries and gave the casserole to the puppy, it looks like this:
I filed the paperwork, so hopefully I can find it this fall. I also decided to ditch the treat bowl for now, since it became a catch all for junk. The re-rod (is that how you spell that?) went out on the porch for my husband to deal with. :) Now I have a blank canvas to work with.
I wiped it off with my favorite Method Anti-bac Kitchen Spray. Then I decided with Easter coming soon, I needed to jazz up our island. I also have secret hopes of it staying mess free with something pretty on it. :)
Fun note: That was actually my daughter Faith's first Easter basket, candles from my wedding and wooden eggs handed down from my mom.
Now, if I can do this the day after chemo, you can do it, even after a long day at work, with the kids or almost anything else!
Share your 15 minute organization project with us. We need inspiration too!

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