Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Five {and a freebie}

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Our Friday Five
1. No school today for Shannon- that means lots of time for homework!

2. Niki had her PET scan this week, so we will find out what kind of progress she is making soon! Keep your fingers crossed!

3. Warm temps and sunshine make for much more enjoyable days!

4. Shannon got tons of Prom shopping done last night! It's almost the big day!

lots of tulle and giant gerbera dasies

giant scrolls in the cardboard box, lots of flowers and butterflies, placecard holders, small tin buckets....

5. Sunday is Easter! Good food and family time this weekend.

And a freebie for you:
I am struggling with finding the best system to track how I pay my bills. I want to start paying them online, so I made this bill payment log to try to help me keep track of the bills that I pay online. I don't have a ton of bills, but I do have some and  a truck load of student loans to pay, so saving a stamp on each one sounds like a good idea.

I also recently discovered that I can set up bill payments through my bank account, which is through Bank of America. They have a great app that I have on my Iphone 4S (that I also love).  So yesterday I discovered that I could pay my credit card bill with a transfer of funds, with just a few clicks! easy peasy! So I think I might try to set up some other accounts that way. Does anybody else use this bill payment feature??

Anyway,  back to the point….I have my student loan information organize fairly well. I use a clear poly zipper folder for each company. I labeled the top corner of each folder so I can easily find the account I am looking for when I do my filing. I have a loan repayment log from the nest effect that I use  currently for my student loans and that seems to be working okay. So I needed a log for the rest of my bills, so I came up with this simple template:

{download your copy here}
We'd love for you to leave a comment if you download :)
How do you track and organize your bills? What works best for you? Share your ideas!
If this template doesn't work for you, check out our etsy shop- we have many more budget forms available and we can custom make any form you need!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hope the PET scan results come back well. Sending you family good vibes. :)

    Stopping by from Lauren's blog.