Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Five and a freebie!

It's Friday and we are linking up with Lauren with from my grey desk.

1. we have an exciting project at creative life designs! We are creating scrapbooks for a family friend's daughter. Woo-hoo!
She had lots of stuff! I am so excited to get this finished up for her!
2. Prom is tomorrow!

3. Inkjoy pens! ACK! Shannon and I both love them and fully support your purchase of them.
4. I ordered thirty one bags a while back….and got this baby. which conveniently matches my organizer bag and my lunch bag.
how nerdy am I? a thirty-one pencil bag!

5. and now it matches this bag, that I had to get to replace my handmade bag (made by my brother's girlfriend's mom) because it got a rip in it that needs to be repaired.
I scored this one at Target for $9.00 on clearance. It was a color match made in bag heaven.
$9.00 target bag

a perfect match…notice the inside of the bag matches too!

And here is a quick freebie for you….more labels! I don't know about everyone else, but I see nothing wrong with having an arsenal of different sized labels at the ready at all times. maybe I'm a little out of control, but I'm sure there's some out there who support my obsession, right?
{download your free copy here}
Make sure you change the name, one letter at at time so you do not lose the formatting.
Google Docs is hating me today, so if the link doesn't work just leave us a comment and we will send you the document via email. I'm not blog savvy enough to know how to share a document another way.
Have a great weekend, wish me luck at prom!

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  1. I like your bag collection! I think I will go get myself some of those fun pens too!