Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Five and a freebie

We are linking up with Lauren, at from my grey desk again today.
Here's our Friday five!
1. A Flower for Shannon's office :) Even though its not really an office ever, it tries to be only it is currently prom palooza.  I like flowers, I just fail epicly at keeping them alive. My wonderful mother let my last one die--see if I ever let her plant sit again.

2. Super cute scrapbook paper from the Dollar Spot at Target.

3. Linking up with Jen from Iheart organizing and getting some new readers! Welcome to all our new readers! We hope you keep coming and are inspired.

4. I found these babies yesterday when I was getting coupons ready to go grocery shopping!

So combine those coupons with these:
And that means this girl is so going make a coupon binder! I will post on that when I get all of my things together! Super excited!

5. doing homework and working on the blog with this little friend :)
please ignore the laundry basket on the floor...

And a freebie for you :) more labels!
I just made these in Word, they aren't designed to print on any specific size of label. I just wanted a cute label that I could tape, glue, or mod podge onto things. I am providing a download for the pdf if you want to handwrite in your labels, and the word document if you want to type in your labels before you print them. We would love for you to leave a comment if you download. {enjoy}
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I wonder if I detect some sarcasim in the adjective of "wonderful" connected to the mother? I might point out said mother also produced a new flowering plant which you haven't claimed! Still a very nice look plant.