Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring cleaning on a snow day

We had a snow day not too long ago and I decided to spend it doing a little spring cleaning. Yeah, I know spring cleaning a snowday? I sound insane. But it's Iowa, deal with it.

Icky things like plungers and trash cans got a scrub with bleach water.

Cute new rubber gloves and a sticky clip from Walmart (from the same section as the 3M hooks) found a new home on the back of the cabinet door below the sink.

My running supplies (inhaler, Polar, "fanny pack"- it's for runners - similar to a flip belt, but let's call it what it is, earphones, headbands) all found a home in a cute gray basket from the Target dollar spot.

And finally everything came out of the fridge so it could all be sanitized and wiped down and everything went back in, nice and neat. I give it a week before it looks like a disaster again. 

How do you spend your snow days? 

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