Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Setting up my classroom { the move in}

Before I could actually start moving in I did some work at my apartment, specifically on the lawn. I bought a cheap rug from Menards- the indoor/outdoor type. And a few colors of spray paint. Because new teachers are b-r-o-k-e.

I used painters tape to mark the lines using a super scientific magazine as a measuring device. To vary the size of the lines I just used the magazine either horizontal or vertical. 

Since the ground is not perfectly flat I had to be sure to press down my tape lines to reduce the amount of overspray.

I thought that I could just throw some newspapers down on the sidewalk and spray paint my millions of tubs and then got real and realized that was going to be way more work and decided to grab some painter's plastic and go that way. (see below)

Two coats of spray paint and my rug was looking decent of a $19.99 friend. 

In between rounds of spray painting I was running things through the laminator as fast as I could. I ran full sheet things I wanted to be a little thicker myself, at home, and sent everything else to our AEA to be laminated on the big machine.

Here is what I ended up doing with my tubs, this was way easier and allowed me to just keep moving on to the next thing. I used dish tubs from Walmart and my stool was $4 at Goodwill.

When I was finally given the go ahead to move into my room we gathered a whole car-full of things and headed out! After everything was brought in, here's what we had:

This doesn't really seem all that much better than when it was a library, but we were hopefull :)

Next up: the classroom starts taking shape.

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