Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What we've been up to lately...

We apologize for dropping off the face of the planet. Again. We've been crazy busy lately!
Our BFF Amanda came to town! It was so great to see her. She lives on Cape Cod which is way cooler than Iowa. Right? Anyway, we miss her like crazy so we love when she comes back home! 
Here's a snapshot of her and Niki at the wedding they went to.
Oh! We're so cute!
Also, Niki and I have both committed to going back to school this fall, October to be exact. We are getting our Sped and Early Childhood endorsements! Woot. I think.
From Shannon:
I have been swamped with Etsy orders! I love creating things to help people's lives run smoother! But it got a little bit crazy this week.
In other news, I GOT MY FIRST TEACHING JOB! I am over the moon excited! I will be teaching transitional kindergarten in the same district that I've been in the past two years. Did I mention that I am like ridiculously giddy? My classroom was formerly the elementary library which is still currently residing in my room. So I cannot even begin to move in until the library moves out. It makes my OCD self a little bit twitchy but it gives me more time to spend on Pinterest.

From Niki:
The kids have had swimming lessons, sports camps, birthday parties and just all around busyness. I just got their school supplies list and am starting the master list and scoping out the sales.

Tim has been working nonstop so the kids and I have to entertain ourselves and no fun vacation :(
Now I'm working on getting ready for back to school (for me and the kids). Get ready for some organization and decluttering.
Tim and I are also embarking on a remodeling project for our house. We remodeling the living areas a few years ago and are now remodeling the sleeping areas. We have a crazy old farmhouse and it is not ready for all of the business we have. :)

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