Monday, November 19, 2012

home management binder {makeover-part 2}

Today I am beginning reassembly of my madeover binder. I am starting to swap out sheets and add my new things.
Apparently at some point I switched my binders, I seriously don't remember when or why I did that. But this is my actual home management binder- binder. I didn't go buy a new one...I just swapped them out, I think.

Remember I made new divider cover pages for each section, with a template courtesy of a year of many firsts. Aren't they glorious??

First thing, I added my new section dividers and cover page, now then I open my binder, this is what I see:

It's adorable and I love it! I am in love with the florish designs lately.

The first section following my title page is calendar and planning. For my trial run binder,  I snagged a few more printables from Iheart organizing and got my monthly calendars from anything but perfect. {See my original calendar section post here}


 Right now I have my "workout" calendar in the front folder of the divider. I need to be able to access it easily everyday, so I didn't want to put it into a page protector. Plus I need to be able to add stickers to it. Yep, stickers, we can all use a little visual reinforcement. And here is what the front pocket currently looks like: 

 Everything else in my calendar and planning section comes behind the divider. So to start my change over process, I sat down with all the necessary supplies.

Spare Page Protectors 
Papermate Flair Markers 
(or your favorite writing utensil)
A stocked full DVR
Coffee/Tea/ or whatever beverage you prefer 
New hmb pages
Current Home management binder

Monthly Calendar
First up is the monthly calendars. Logically the current month would be on top, but I like to keep them in order of the year. I just mark the current calendar with a paperclip.

I made a generic monthly calendar with my home management binder documents, so it is coordinated of course. But I think I might still continue to use the monthly calendars from anything but perfect if she continues to offer them for free on her blog next year. They are just so cute and cheery. 

  Here's my current monthly calendar:

Important dates

This is a category that simply carried over from my original home management binder. I just transferred my information to my new form. easy peasy. I also keep my birthdays, anniversaries, etc. in the front my my planner {my life planner}. I like to have them in both places. You never know when you may need that information. There wasn't really cool changes here but a before and after is always nice. My mommy always makes me a nice hanging wall calendar every year for Christmas that contains ALLLLLL of the family birthdays, anniversaries, and any other important dates- so I can always cross check my important dates list with calendar she makes for me. Its always filled with family photos from the previous year(s)- its so nice to have. I recommend them to everyone. (not to mention that we happen to make and sell them in our etsy shop) {sorry for the self promotion- but they are a great family calendar}


To Do Lists
I am a list maker. I need to go to AA for list makers. Hi, my name is Shannon and I make more lists than any normal person should. Seriously, I should start it. I have FOUR different types of to do lists in this section. I mean seriously, that's a bit excessive. I also have a perpetual to do list that I made for myself that is not in the home management binder documents. Not sure why I don't add it? 
Here are a few of my lists in action--

seriously, do you see the need for an intervention here?

My *new and improved* calendar section will now contain these documents 

and for you a freebie to help you with your own home management binder creation or update:

UP NEXT: Contact Information

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