Thursday, March 14, 2013

Challenge: Bathroom Drawer

As we have mentioned, we are taking part in Jen's bathroom challenge. I started with my washer and dryer and now I moved on to the top drawer in our vanity. It was a catch-all drawer and it ended up a toothbrush drawer, it's intended purpose (in my mind anyway). While the baby was in the tub today I plopped down on the floor and started sorting. I knew it wouldn't take long, especially if I broke it down drawer by drawer. So during the next bath, I will do the next drawer! Small chunks are much more manageable for me.
This is how the drawer looked when I started:

That is all.

I just started sorting things out by categories. Oral care items, make-up, hair stuff, feminine products, bandaids, garbage and so on. I knew that I was only keeping oral care in this drawer, so I kept them closest to the drawer. That's how my brain works.

I gave the drawer a good wipe down with water, a Chlorox wipe and then water again. I found a couple of cheap-o white plastic bins that I already had. It's not what I want, nor did I have any pretty drawer liner. But I knew I needed to just git 'er done. So when I find the perfect drawer liner or dividers, I can just swap them out.

This is what my drawer looked like when I was done.

Aah. Much better.

Now tonight, when the kids go to brush, or my husband is ready to floss, it is all easy to find. Are you participating in Jen's bathroom challenge? Hook us up with your projects for inspiration.

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