Monday, March 4, 2013

Beginning of the month madness

The beginning of the month is a glorious time in my life. I love starting a fresh new calendar :) Yeah, I'm a freak I know. But I also know that there are others out there like me! And so for those people, I'm sharing a rundown of my monthly rituals.

1. A new "family calendar". Mine is a photo calendar (the one we sell in our etsy shop, here). My calendar used to be all by its lonesome on the side kitchen wall, but it recently found a new home next to my new bulletin board (see that here). This calendar has everyone's events on it. Mine and Drew's. (except darts hasn't been added yet- but that happens every Tuesday). Nothing too wild and crazy here, but it helps us keep track of what's going on in each other's lives.

2. Blog planner. Since we write the blog together we have to do some serious planning. Or at least in theory there should be planning. Sometimes its a 5:45 am were posting today right?? We don't usually plan more than a week ahead of time. But we like to jot down things we need to do, like challenges from other bloggers or link ups that we want to participate in.
3. Desk Calendar. Most people with a "desk job" have a desk calendar. Mine is a "teacher desk calendar". There's not usually a lot on mine.  A few meetings, early outs, dates that kids will be gone, and my work schedule. My favorite papermate flair markers are used to fill this calendar up :)

4. Meal planner. I don't always plan my meals out for the whole month. I tried it for awhile and just never stuck to it because we get groceries more frequently now since we have an apartment sized fridge and freezer. But that also allows me to shop by what's in the ad for that week and plan accordingly. I do try to plan out days to do crockpot or casserole meals so that we can have leftovers for the nights that I have to work after school.

5. Grocery List- this is the list I use when I actually do my grocery shopping. I usually go on Friday's. Mainly because that's when the 2-day sales are at the grocery store and I don't usually work after school on Friday's. Having my menu for the next week handy is a big help.
6. Monthly planner calendar. I have a monthly calendar at the beginning of each month in my planner. I like to have a 'big picture' and not just the weeks. It just gives an outline of what I've got going on for the month.

7. Weekly plan- My weekly calendar pages offer much more detail into my daily activities. Birthday's are included here also. My evening meal (dinner or supper, whichever you prefer) is listed in the night box- so I know what needs to be done before I leave for work. My part-time job hours are also listed during the appropriate time of day. Each job has it's own color, for quick reference.

8. Monthly budget- I also set up my budget for the month. I usually do this before the beginning of the month since I get paid from my full time job on the 20th. And I get paid once a month---lame!! I still do my budget by the month though. All my bills are paid by then, and I use cash for gas and groceries. I didn't want to broadcast how ridiculously poor I am, so no photo but I will share the form that I use.

This is actually the budget form I made for Niki, but mine looks just the same- with my categories.

9. Workout calendar. Niki and I are both "working on our fitness". So we have been keeping workout calendars to keep ourselves accountable and on track. This month its burpees and squats. eeekkk!! (ps. the challenge is not mine-found it on pinterest, the original source is families getting fit) Each day gets a sticker if I work out that day, and a different sticker if I met my goal for water. Want your own challenge calendar? check out the link below the photo.

What happens at the beginning of the month in your life? Does a fresh calendar make you giddy? or does planning your month sound completely mundane??

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