Thursday, March 28, 2013

Linen Closet

Tuesday I shared with you some of my linen closet inspiration. I have a $0 budget so I will be re-arranging baskets and bins from other parts of my house.

This is where my linen closet started.


Double Ugh.

My ultimate goal is to completely get rid of this whole situation. However, I don't have anyplace else for a lot of this stuff. And we like to stock pile. So, something will have to give.

I started with your general sort. I stuck with a stays in the cupboard, stays (but somewhere else), toss and donate. I can't think anyone would want half used products or ratty towels, so I am not selling anything from my linen closet.

This is my linen closet completely emptied out, ready to be loaded back up.

Here it is after I put stuff back in. I have an empty shelf! What the heck?

Disregard that baby on the washer. I swear he's safe there.

That is due to this pile of goodwill stuff! That's not even all of it! I am very proud of myself. :)

Here is a good old fashioned before and after! Because who doesn't love those?

Also. I bought some plastic bins that will be making their way in here this weekend. This momma had a busy week of appointments and stuff, so they didn't make it yet. Stay tuned. :)

Did you participate in the linens and loo challenge? Share your ideas and progress with us!

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