Friday, March 22, 2013

High Five for Friday

Here we are again linking up with Lauren at from my grey desk to share our Friday Five!

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1. Jen from I heart organizing tweeted us!! AAHH!(can you see the star-struck look in our eyes???)

2. Niki got the second order of Girl Scout cookies! (I swear I haven't eaten 2 boxes) #thatsalie
3. I (Niki) went shopping the last couple weeks and have gotten some fun new stuff. I bought a few things from a Facebook swap group, and some from Kohl's. Expect to see some soon!
4. My computer is fixed and ready to be picked up! Hoooray! And the best part, Alumi get their computer fixed for free! #studentloandebtuptomyeyeballs

5. My car is getting fixed finally (from when I got hit in December) and I'm rollin a Buick for a while. #stylin

This is my #mixitupmarch outfit. When I wore this top the first time I wore it with the coral sweater. This week I wore it with a black cardigan and the coral scarf. I think I like the mix it up version better! What about you?

have a great weekend everyone....and don't forget about our spring cleaning sale in our etsy shop! Save 20% on your entire order. And if you haven't grabbed our spring cleaning printables, do that too!

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