Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Linen Inspiration

This week I am tackling my linen closet. It houses everything from extra sheets, shampoo and cleaning supplies. I am not sure where I want to go with it. Its just a big wooden free-standing cupboard. My long term goals include painting it (inside and out), and maybe changing up the shelves. But for now, I just want some organization that works for us, and allows me to shut the doors.
So, I turned to my favorite place for organizing inspiration, Pintrest. You can follow Shannon and I on Pintrest, if you want. Sometimes we pin cool stuff. :)

I am loving this zero budget linen closet from Fox Hollow Cottage. She also has some great inspiration from other places to. Check her out if you are redoing your linen closet.

The blog Design Build Love has a 30 days to an organized home challenge with specific linen closet challenges. I love that she has a doable before and after. This is closer to what mine will look like. :)

There are many things I like about this linen closet from A Sort of Fairytale. I love the cheerful, colorful baskets. I love that they are from the dollar store. The whole make-over cost about $20! I could handle that. I also love the use of the back of the door storage. Also, this linen closet houses a lot of the same things that mine does, so that makes it easy for me to translate!

What linen closets are inspiring you lately? I can't wait for my revised linen closet to be done. I have already started with my initial purge. I didn't take a picture, but it filled a whole garbage bag!

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