Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning Checklists

Shannon made some awesome spring cleaning checklists. Have you downloaded yours yet? If not, go here.

I downloaded mine and printed them. I printed one for every room, except the office. We don't have one. I also printed 4 bedroom pages because we have 4 bedrooms in our house. I needed to have one checklist for each bedroom.

I also printed out a couple blank ones. They are for specific areas I want to declutter like the coat closet and toy closet. I don't have any extra cool rooms, like the library or media room. But if I was cool, and I did, I would use them for that.

Also, I had to cross out some things, and change some things. For example, I don't have any carpet in my room or Carter's. So I switched that to sweep and swiffer. Other things like clean mirror, I just crossed out since I don't have one in my room.

So, if you haven't already, go download your spring cleaning printables, because they will only be free for a limited time! Share with us your spring cleaning plans. I am finishing mine next week when I'm on spring break. What about you?

Plus, more good news. We are having a spring cleaning sale in our etsy shop too! Save 20% on your entire order! 

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