Wednesday, May 30, 2012

home management binder {part 6}

I'm back again working on my
My next tab is my home maintenance tab. This tab will contain a home maintenance checklist that I got from iheartorganizing.  This is a two sided checklist that tells you which maintenance items need to be done and how often. This will be a great resource, when I finally get my own house.

I also have a cleaning checklist that I made that will go in the pocket of this section. I already had it laminated so it easily tucks inside.

I also found some other deep cleaning and room specific checklists that I will put into this section.

I grabbed these two from clean mama.
A kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist

And this quick clean up list

They will both go into page protectors and go behind the home maintenance checklist.

Next is my vehicles tab. This section will contain a vehicle maintenance log for each of our vehicles. My current loan documents are safe and sound at my parents' house, but any future loan documents will go into this section as well.

My auto log is also a freebie I grabbed from iheart organizing 

Only a few sections left…we're almost done.

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