Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Five and a freebie

Hey everyone. We're here again linking up with Lauren, at from my grey desk.

Here is our Friday Five-

1. After being away getting a new hard drive, my (shannon's) mac book pro is back! and only $215....not too bad. I have missed my light up keys....the regular mac book doesn't have them--lame! And now to put everything back on it….just installed oh say 500 fonts from the wonderful Kevin and Amanda- both fonts for peas and scrapbooking fonts of course :)

2. Only one more day of school for Shannon! woot! I can't wait for a little free time!

3. The rest of the family (except Shannon, because she was slaving away at Menards) participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure walk on Sunday.

4. No chemo this week for Niki :)  Only a few more treatments left!

5. Softball practice started this week! and I was already injured-- just a scratched up leg from sliding practice, but it makes it feel like softball!

and a freebie for you…

I (Shannon) have been doing a lot of teacher blog stalking lately so it has inspired me to try to make a few classroom things. The emphasis is on the *try* I really am not sure I know what I'm doing yet.

It's just a simple hot lunch, cold lunch choice chart. But you gotta start somewhere right??  There is a hot lunch header and a cold lunch header. There are student number so that each student can move their number to their lunch choice for the day. Most elementary teachers use numbers for their kids right?
Just cut and laminate them and they are ready to use in your classroom!

We would love for you to leave a comment or follow our blog if you download. 
Have a great weekend eveyone!

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