Tuesday, May 15, 2012

tuesday teacher tip

 My teacher tip for the day isn't really a tip exactly, more of a resource. Classroom Freebies might just be one of my new favorite websites! There are so many amazing classroom resources being shared by different teachers, and they are all FREE! even better!

Classroom Freebies Too
There is a new post with a new freebie each day. Yes, thats right, another great FREE resource each day.
The freebies are even categorized by grade level. easy peasy.

I may have spent a few hours on this blog yesterday and it has inspired me to try to make my own classroom resource. 
I think I will start with something simple, maybe I have, who has? Who doesn't love that game? 
It's the simplest game that {usually} makes kids pay attention. And it's a quick and easy time filler.
I'll get started on that and maybe have it ready to go for next week's teacher tip.
What other great teaching resources are out there?? Share with us!

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