Wednesday, May 23, 2012

home management binder {part 4}

Continuing the

Today, I am actually putting my binder together. Maybe just a few sections at a time. I don't want to go crazy all at once.
I have gathered all my materials, and I may or may not be creating my binder in the middle of the living room floor. Here's a hint, I am. My "office space" just was not enough space to get everything spread out.

Here's what I have gathered:

  • binder
  • 3-hole punch
  • dividers
  • page protectors
  • label maker (unless I use the template from avery that came with my dividers)
  • stack of papers to find a new home inside the binder
  • water bottle filled with crystal light energy
  • Law and Order SVU on the TV - although I  am a big fan, you can chose your own show :)

I'm starting with the cover page. I printed it from iheartorganizing and popped it in a page protector. first step done. easy peasy.

I have already decided on my tabs, so just popped my dividers in next.  Remember, my dividers are from these, from Staples. {I think you can still snag the 50% off coupon that I used}
I already decided on my sections:

  • calendar
  • contact info
  • home vehicles
  • finances
  • school
  • family
Here they are:

The first tab in my home management binder is the calendar tab. It made sense to put the most frequently used tab in the front.

I have used a few different weekly calendars from time to time, so I am putting a few extra copies in the front pocket of this section. {they are from iheartorganizing and the nest effect}

Then I grabbed my monthly calendars that were previously residing in the front of my file box

I just three hole punched them and popped them in behind the divider. 

Remember these are from anything but perfect,  they are absolutely adorable and FREE.

Here's a peek at my May calendar, not a whole lot on there yet but I'm sure it will fill up.

I snagged this from iheartorganizing also, and It will go behind my monthly calendar pages. I will fill it out with all my family's birthdays and anniversaries.

So there's my calendar tab.  We're off to a great start. 

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