Wednesday, May 9, 2012

what we're pinning

Pinterest. It's become an obsession. However there are so many wonderful ideas and inspirations out there that we just can't help ourselves.

Here's what we have been pinning lately:

1. Tons of school ideas and freebies. I love this idea to use at a parent's night at the beginning of the year. List all the supplies you need for the classroom and ask parents to donate an apple or two.

2. Some cute ideas for graduation or other future parties. My boyfriend's little sister, Hunter is graduating this year and her party is quickly approaching. They are going with a simple bbq theme and I thought these chip bags were adorable.

3. These super cute personalized pens. 
We also heart pens, and pens that are personalized so nobody can steal them are even better. I'm one of those freaks that hunts you down to get back a borrowed writing utensil that was not returned in a timely manner. With these, there's no mistaking who they belong to.

4. dreaming of lovely laundry room in my future home- I'm a freak who has a laundry room near the top of the list of home requirements. I want a room, not a closet, and not in the bathroom. This is a lovely example of what I would like in my future home, however I am willing to consider {some} other options. 

5. Beautifully organized drawers- also for the future when I actually have a desk. Oh, to have an actual desk and not have to craft, post, do homework, and prepare resumes in a makeshift office. When I get to have a desk and my own space, it will have pretty drawers.

A lot of my pins have revolved around food lately. I rarely eat a full serving of anything and don't have the energy for cooking a big meal, but I have been pinning recipes like crazy for when I am feeling better again.
These chicken and biscuits from Rachael Ray look like something my whole family might like, which is very tricky considering my middle sons aversion to all things I cook.

You may have noticed we are obsessed with planners. This idea takes your planner to the next level!

Since most of my "Hairtastic" pins are for the incredibly long hair I used to have (donated over 13 inches once chemo started) I decided I need to find some short hair inspiration. :) Emma Watson fit the bill!
Since my big kids will be out of school soon, I have been looking for some summer inspiration. I do not want them stuck in front of the tv all summer. So, maybe this bucket list will inspire us to get busy?
Finally, Shannon and I have both been obsessively attempting to create household binders. Clearly ours will not be the same. We have been scouring the web for inspiration, creating our own printables (available in our etsy shop) and standing around scratching our heads. So far, I have nothing to show but a sore spot on my noggin. Hopefully Shannon is doing better! But, here is some beautiful handwriting and some binder inspiration!
Hopefully our obsessive pinning will give you some inspiration. We would love to see what you are pinning! Share some of your faves in the comments!

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