Thursday, May 17, 2012

a little inspiration

I found a delightful little blog the other day, Pinch a Little, Save-a-lot. Her blog layout is absolutely adorable and we heart it!

She offers some amazing free printables, I mean she goes above and beyond. They are completely ready to go printables to complete your project. Check out her family emergency planning kit or moving kit, and Christmas printables, all for FREE.

She also offers some great DIY projects and sort of makes me wish that I could sew. Maybe I could learn? Look at these adorable pin cushions!

She also offers some great printables for the kitchen or your home management binder, if you already have one or are making one with me :)

Head over and check out Bekah's super cute blog!

What other great blogs are out there that we are missing out on?? {yours or someone's} leave us the address in the comments, we are always looking for new sources of inspiration!

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