Monday, May 7, 2012

fifteen minutes of {organizing}

Good Monday morning everyone!
I spent all weekend cleaning and trying to catch up on sleep and laundry. I redid how we store our t-shirts in the dresser drawers because they didn't actually fit in there, they were shoved in and only half of them actually fit. The other half {mainly my half} got stuck on a "shelf" in the closet where they didn't really fit either.

I didn't take a picture of my mine, because they just didn't look as pretty as I had hoped, but I have found some photos from blogland of what I was actually trying to accomplish.

I will share this one photo….the "in progress photo". This was when our bedding was in the wash and I was 3 baskets in to sorting laundry…

Here a few inspirations:
Apartment therapy offers a few tips on how to keep your drawers neat and clean.

Over at my frugal adventures, she used cheap plastic shoe boxes to organize her drawers, love the idea but I have stupid size drawers and it wouldn't have worked out so well for me. But still a great idea for anyone else. 
My drawers do sort of look like this, only minus the neat lines, I just have rows of folded t-shirts. 

Simple Organized Living also offers a post on how she organizes her drawers, also using the same quarter fold method that I used.

And I am so totally jealous that she actually gets to store her unmentionables in a drawer, and not in a white tub! But in the future when I get a real dresser again, I hope that my drawers will look like this.

Actually, I would also like to do this in the future, ya know like when I get my own house and am not living with someone else. Or when I actually get to have a dresser?  Check out their post at Young House Love for their complete DIY.

Is anyone else working on any projects? Or have some beautifully organized drawers to share??

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