Monday, January 14, 2013

my first washi tape experience

I finally joined the washi bandwagon, and I must admit-I love it! I wasn't too sure about the whole thing but when I spotted a package on sale at Target I decided that it was time to try it out. I made a blog planner for myself a while ago and it was all pretty and bound and then had these boring, blank, lame white labels. I knew this was the perfect place to try out my washi tape. I figured if it went well, that was great and I could show people, and well if it didn't, not too many people were going to be seeing my blog planner up close and personal.

 I gathered the few supplies that I needed--my blog planner, scissors, washi tape, and my trusty label maker.

It was much simpler than I excepted (although I'm not sure why I thought putting tape on labels was going to be like challenging or something?) All I had to do was cut the pieces to size and stick them on. I considered throwing them on there in a random order, but my OCD brain couldn't handle that.  So here they are after the first step was completed. So far, so good.

The next step was to make the labels to go onto my tabs. Perhaps the hardest part was trying to decide what words to put on there. Dumb, I know. But I wanted the tab to sort of reflect what was on the header but there was clearly not enough space, so I just have very vague and generic tabs. Which works out fine. 

Because of my dark colors, you can sort of see where the clear label is, and isn't. But you don't really notice unless you are inspecting them. If I were to do it over again, I might just label them with a sharpie. But that would require me to write pretty and we all know that I would end up re-doing it like 17 times and that would just not be good for anyone. 

So now that I am totally committed to this whole washi thing, I will totally snag up the other colors when they go on sale again at Target :)
What other wonderful uses are out there for washi tape? What projects have you used it for? I'm sure there are so many other great ideas out there that I haven't even dreamed of!!


  1. Oh now that is cute! I love washi tape and use it often. My most recent project was to make some squares on the floor for my students to tell their stories with a beginning, middle and end. Now when I remove no sticky residue. Anyway, I love this idea because it is soooo easy and even easier to switch out the tabs! Thanks for the inspiration.
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  2. What a great idea! I never thought about the no residue removal-brilliant!! I thought about washi labeling my kids' folders at school-but i figured they would think I was even crazier than they already do. (I run the alternative high school at my school)

  3. Yes yes yes! Your blog planner turned out so adorable!! <3


    1. Thanks Jen! I love it too! I have actually since then redone the inside pages for my sister(the other half of this blog), so her actual planner is cuter than mine, but my labels are way better! Also, I have developed quite the washi tape collection and I love it!
      ps. we blog stalk you daily and we could all be bff's if you ever decide to move to Iowa!