Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Five and a Freebie!

Here we are together again with our Friday Five!
We have had a great week here at creative life designs!

1. I, Shannon, got to make this beautiful binder for a customer! It was so much fun and it turned out beautifully! Hopefully she has received it at her front door by now, so I will share a few photos of this beauty!

I just love those glorious tabs and how everything is so matchy-matchy *swoon*
(order your own home management binder at our etsy shop- click here)

2. I'm going home (to my hometown) for the weekend for my bestie's wedding! Bring on a weekend of  friends, fun, and pretty dresses!

3. Niki is trying something new with her hair. Actually, just the fact that she has hair to do something with is a big deal. We are thankful each day for her current good health! Waiting for hair to grow back is something so minor, people tend to forget that. 

4. Niki made it through a crazy week at work (school) with at least one person gone each day. In a special education classroom, that's a big deal!!

5. Niki's daughter Faith, got a new coat after the zipper went out on her old one. On sale, at our most favorite store ever. Target.

And as promised, here is your FREEBIE! A cleaning schedule to help you keep on track. It's blank so you can customize it to fit the needs of your family. We'd love for you to leave a comment ((maybe your favorite cleaning trick??)) if you download. 
Here's what mine looks like:

And here's yours:

Have a great weekend!

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