Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A few good reads...

We have had such a mild winter here in Northwest Iowa, but now its actually starting to look and feel like winter; which leaves me wanting to do nothing more than cozy up with my blanket and a good book or magazine in the evenings. So that's exactly what I have been doing. I made a big step and bought my first storage/organizing magazines at the store. I have subscribed to Real Simple for a year or two but have never bought magazines at the store. And since one of my favorite bloggers, Jen at Iheart organizing was featured in this BH&G Storage issue, I figured now was as good as time as any to take the plunge. I also snagged up an HGTV magazine. I also had an All You magazine that I receive as a subscription, it came along with my Real Simple magazine that I ordered as part of a school fundraiser. I'm going to combine all three by category, my brain just works better that way. Instead of oh look at this nice kitchen space, then four pictures later, oh hey, another kitchen.
(I apologize in advance for this insanely long post.)

Even the covers are glorious! If I could just like have these catalogs move into my house, that would be perfect! Of course I would need a house first, but if we're just dreaming here, game on!

So first up, my most favorite subject, organization.

Greeting card storage- Get a cute little box with dividers and pop your cards in, in the appropriate section. Super Simple and functional.

A suggestion list of organization projects you can complete in 15 minutes or less. That is my kind of project. With three jobs, I don't have much for big projects. So everything that I do is broken down into small sections if it can't be completed in a very short period of time.

Stash those everyday items in a cute bin or tub in your entry!

Corral supplies in a cute, functional and portable caddy. Who doesn't love a good caddy?

These adorable bins make me want to do better at recycling! 

And look at this amazing resource! Just cross check what you are looking for and they suggest awesome sites for your project. woo-hoo!

Many of you have already read  my whining about not having a nice office space,but if you haven't, I have been searching for a brilliant solution to my need for a work/desk/office space in my apartment since I moved in, back in August! Obviously since there has been no post shouting, jumping up and down, and singing about how I found something amazing, one can assume that I am still stuck with my random weirdo corner desk in the living room.
 Please enjoy the following photos that I was drooling over   admiring in my magazines.
(yep, I put post it flags on the things I really liked and thought I could maybe actually pull things from to put to use, don't judge)

 A great way to turn a teeny tiny space into a work and storage area.

 Those cute little friends double as seating and storage, a win win situation.

 These little cuties could easily find a home in the classroom or my home office space!

This beauty could just move right into my house.

 Another super adorable desk that could just make its way over to my apartment. I would love to have a fun chair!
 Making use of your vertical space is always important in a small space. I am using some of my wall space, but I know that I could do much better.

Another cute and functional desk.

 This is a dreamy craft area. This would be great for the room at my mom's that we affectionately call the "scrapbook room". Except that if we did that, the closet couldn't be full of all my stuff...

 I am actually in the process of getting a little beauty like this! Mine won't be near as high tech as this guy, but I'm still excited that I am putting an idea from a magazine into practical use! hooray!

Bringing extra color into a space is always fun! And these were decorated with duct tape!

This could be a practical solution for my desk? or building a command center?? only $15.

There are always so many great ideas for storage solutions in the plates in a drawer, sideways (rather than vertical) silver wear drawers, and utensils stored in divided and labeled drawers.

 I would love to have a pretty storage rack that sits out like this.  Pretty and practical. Double win.
A cute little coffee cupboard would be wonderful. 
Or a cute little coffee nook

 Use a cute side table with a door to stash away board games. We sort of have this going on in our "entertainment center" (its really not an entertainment center at all- its itso cubes from Target put together to form something similar to furniture)

When I get to have my own big girl house with a guest room and bathroom, it would be so nice to have a handy little tote with extra items that could be forgotten.

I love pretty closets and clothes storage. I think my dream closet would have a pretty hidden hamper like one of these two.

And pretty drawer organizers like these. Dividers make things so much easier.

A pretty boot hanger like this would be delightful! I only have two pairs right now, but I can get more!!

I love this double function space. It would be perfect in a room that doubles as a office space and guest room! 

Simple labeled bins in the laundry area.

A space efficient kitchen cupboard. I love the matching jars and that you can quickly see what you are running low on.

I love this scarf organizer. Mine are currently on shower rings, strung on a hanger. I think I could transform my system into something like this. Just connect the shower curtain rings together- maybe a pretty ribbon?

A cute coat hanger to keep your everyday coats and jackets within easy reach.

A pretty crisp white built in to house the television.

Use duct tape to brighten up so many things in your home!! Its a super simple way to spice up any room in your home!

I love that this island is pretty and functional, but not permanent. A great solution of apartments or rentals.

Crisp white kitchens are so pretty :)

I think these lovely little bowls should come live in my kitchen.

And these should live in my kitchen too.

I love this pretty entry solution. Its something that I could *in theory* duplicate in an apartment or rental house. Nothing permanent would need to be attached, so no troubles there. And its so pretty and personal!!

A great guide to holiday returns--good to keep on hand for next year.

It will be getting warmer soon, so motivation to workout side is a good thing.

A quick fix to common hair mishaps.

More workout encouragement!! I need all the help I can get.

A guide to what is normal and when to visit the doctor- a great resource to keep handy.

 The ultimate couponing guide- I need to read this. I am trying to do better at using coupons and shopping sales for our groceries.

 This article has great tips on food storage. Also a good thing for stocking up when I have coupons and good sales.

I think I could use some of these tips in our apartment. Its not a teeny tiny apartment, but making it seem bigger cannot be a bad thing.

I seriously spent hours staring into the glorious pages of these magazines. hours, glorious hours. I'm hoping that I can actually put some of these wonderful ideas into practice. But don't worry, if I do, I will share all about it.

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