Wednesday, January 2, 2013

organize our… space

In the spirit of New Years resolutions we are participating in a link challenge put on by several bloggers. We found it via cleanmama. This week's challenge is organize your office. I don't really have an office. Since we have 3 people in a two bedroom apartment, that clearly leaves no room for an office.  So I have a desk in the corner of the living room, classy I know. But it works okay for our situation. But add in the Christmas Tree and there's not much space. I have my printers stacked underneath the desk and printer paper is stashed in a wire basket.

 Here's the space….

 Yeah, my tree is still up. I wasted my holiday break from school being sick. In fact I'm still not back to 100% and I go back tomorrow.

 Here's what my desk looked like when I started. vomit.

Here's what it looked like after my first round of cleaning. Its not bad, but still not as good as it needed to be.

  I didn't have that much to do in reality. I needed to get rid of things that didn't belong there, throw away unneeded papers, and get bill and loan paperwork in order.

 I already had these student loan folders, they just werent' being used to their full potential being shoved at the bottom of the basket, so they needed a new home.

All of my bills, receipts, etc, that needed to be filed got stashed in this nice heavy duty bag. I think I got it at Target. I'm waiting on a nice square leather file box with a lid from my mommy to put everything in. So this is just temporary, but I think I will use it to store each month's paperwork until it gets filed. That way things can be somewhat organized and I can file things once a month without having a disaster in the meantime. The new file box will probably live on the floor next to the desk, about where the Christmas tree is now.

And here's the last pile of unneeded papers that needed to be thrown away. Disclosure: this was after round 2, there was much more thrown away the first time.

And here's my clean desk. I know its still got a lot of junk on top that needs to be re-evaluated and dealt with, but I don't have any nice office storage…so that's where it all stays for now.

I do store some of my things in this little dresser that used to be in my closet and got kicked out during my first round closet clean out. ( apparently all my cleaning projects go in stages??)

  Here's a peek at what's inside:

The top drawer- a dollar spot tray from Target, holding checks, camera, and coupons. Also my Dove white chocolate stash :) and a spare dog leash.

 The second drawer holds the student loan folders I mentioned earlier, the bag holding all my papers, page protectors, and laminating sheets.

On the right side of the bottom are a few binders- one for our etsy shop, one for coupons, and one from prom last year. 

And this basket lives on the left side of the bottom….yay for finally joining the washi tape bandwagon!

So just to recap here's a before and after. I know its not the best transformation but I don't have a lot to work with in my current living situation. But it does look much better now than it did before :)

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